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Friday, October 5, 2012

The Best In Life........

Hello there again
Ah! Life is good. At the moment, Macavity, the ginger tom, and overall Hidden Paw ( see T.S   Eliot's poem ) is stretching, yawning and purring beside me.
That cat has quite a personality! He has different mews for different occasions. He even has his own expressions. He can look nonchalant, pitiful and ferocious. This is mostly accomplished with careful positioning of the ears. He masterfully manipulates us in this manner. My grand-mother dotes on him, as she loves cats, but our grand-father calls him a ' mangy old flea-bag '. I am not sure if this is tongue-in-cheek or not, but he still doesn't like the cat sitting next him.
As to the other furry members of the household, there is Ursa, our 4-year-old Leonberger. She is a German breed, a large dog. Her ancestors were used to guard flocks in the mountains, and so is very protective and loving. She sheds her winter and summer coats each year, which results in the house being littered in soft colourless fluff. It gets everywhere, including food.
However, having finished moulting, she is a very beautiful dog. The back half of her body is reddish brown, and the front half is in different shades ranging from pale beige to brown to black. This fur is more of a mane. Her face is black, as are her ears, but the ears have long golden fur hanging down. Her paws and legs are also golden.
As for crochet, my double blanket is still growing. I have been teaching one of the ladies at the church to crochet. She is very enthusiastic learner.
Using a pattern from www.thestitchsharer.com, which is, by the way, a lovely website, I have attempted to do the crochet hat there shown, but have failed miserably, not I am sure, through any fault of thestitchsharer, but that I am still learning. I wrote to her, and she suggested a solution.

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